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Fishing Options

There are many fishing options here at Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park.

Wether your surfcasting into the estuary or surf, sending out a torpedo longline or launching your boat they are all relatively easy and no stress.

Once the fish are in the bag our Fish Cleaning Drive Through makes processing the fish and cleaning your gear easy too!

Surfcasting & Longlining near the Park

location-dot-1.gifLocation: Many Campers choose the easy option! Follow the tracks from the campground through the dunes to the beach, setup and enjoy. Simple & quite often successful!

location-dot-2.gifLocation: A nice surfcasting spot that allows you to cast into the main channel of the harbour mouth. Take a variety of different weighted sinkers because there is good current here.

location-dot-3.gifLocation: Just North of the boat ramp is another nice shaded surfcasting spot where you can cast out into the Kutarere Channel.

Boat Fishing

location-dot-4.gifLocation: With a Boat ramp only 4k's from the park along a flat quiet country road, bringing your boat on holiday is a definite consideration.

The Boat ramp launches into the Kutarere Channel of the Ohiwa Harbor where you can choose to fish the harbor or head out over the bar into the Pacific Ocean.

location-dot-5.gifLocations: The Ohiwa Harbour can be a very productive fishery, and often provides flat calm water for children (& less sea worthy adults) when sea conditions are unworkable. Quite often boats will fish the Kutarere channel and main channel successfully. You will want to use the right harbour rigs to match the current and target certain parts of the tide to be successful.

Fishing Locations Map

location-dot-7.gifLocation: There is quite a productive gut that runs parallel to the beach and is not far to travel. It sits in only about 13-15m of water.

location-dot-8.gifLocations: Further out there are the open sand worm beds at around the 35m mark, Waiotahi Rock and then the Opotiki Mussell farm which can be productive for Terakihi.

Hunt out some shellfish or a flounder

location-dot-6.gifLocations: There are plenty of shellfish available within the harbour if you spend some time hunting. Pipis are abundant in the exposed sand bars at low tide, Cockles too. Mussells and Oysters are also found against the mangroves or any other structure that is still covered at low tide. Seek and Yee shall find!

If your organised and in the know a flounder net is definitely worth a soak too!

If all else fails employ an expert...

Opotiki Fishing Charters

Enjoy a morning or afternoon on an 18-19 foot runabout (sport fishing boat) where you can try your hand at catching snapper, terakihi, gernard or tuna.  In the summer season, the area is home to an abundance of kingfish. Call Mike Ruru 0272686190

Whakatane Charters

There are a broad range of fishing charters available out of Whakatane which cater for different types of fishing.  Please view the Ocean Fishing Page to see which charter might be right for you.

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Fishing at Ohiwa Beach Holiday ParkFishing at Ohiwa Beach Holiday ParkFishing at Ohiwa Beach Holiday ParkFishing at Ohiwa Beach Holiday ParkOhiwa HarbourFishing at Ohiwa Beach Holiday ParkFishing at Ohiwa Beach Holiday ParkFishing at Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park