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Great Walks

Here are three quite unique walks not far from the Park. Ranging from 2 longer 2-4hr native bush walks to an easy 30 min stroll through a marshland boardwalk. 

Te Waiti Hut walk

The tracks starts from the Hastings Pole Bridge on Te Waiti Valley Road. 

To reach Te Waiti Hut, follow the benched track up Te Waiti stream from the the Hastings Pole Bridge. There is a stream crossing 15 minutes below the hut which is situated in a grassy clearing.

At a Glance

Activity Duration: Te Waiti Hut Walk 2 hrs each way.
Map Location: J
Travel time to activity: 30 min
Costs: Free

Mountain bikers note the track has a mainly easy gradient following alongside the Te Waiti stream finishing at Te Waiti Hut. There is one stream crossing 15 minutes from the hut which should not be crossed in high flow periods. There are some very narrow sections with steep drop offs. Offers fantastic views of the river from lush semi coastal forest.

Te Waiti Hut marks the turn around point for a nice day walk of 4hrs total walking time.

Activity Locations Map


Tauranga Loop Track

There are parking and picnicking facilities at the start of the walk.

The tracks starts adjacent to the road and within 5 minutes reaches the Tauranga Bridge, spanning the Waioeka River. Once across the bridge the Loop Track begins and can be walked in either direction.

The loop involves 2 river crossings. Only attempt these in a low flow. Come back the same way if unsafe or if you don't want to get your feet wet.

Travelling clockwise, turn left and walk through regenerating farmland on the southern side of the Tauranga Stream for approximately one hour.

The track then crosses over the stream to the northern bank and doubles back along the bush edge to the Waioeka River. There is a second stream-crossing at the mouth of the Tauranga Stream to get back to the Tauranga Bridge.

At a Glance

Activity Duration: Tauranga Loop Track 2 hrs.
Map Location: I
Travel time to activity: 30 min
Costs: Free

The Tauranga Bridge marks the start point for the 2hr Tauranga Loop Track walk. Once across the bridge you can travel in either direction.


Nukuhou Salt Marsh Boardwalk

The Nukuhou Salt Marsh is formed where the Nukuhou river enters the Ohiwa Harbour. It has the best and largest examples of estuarine and freshwater wetland vegetation, mangrove shrub lands and wetland manuka shrub lands in Ohiwa Harbour. 

There is off road parking, with a track from the carpark leading to a section of wooden boardwalk that meanders across the marshland edges to the lookout. 

Nukuhou Salt Marsh is recognised as a wetland of national importance. Those who are quiet and patient, might hear or even see a fernbird or two. Cheddar Valley Pottery, just down the road from the saltmarsh have on display a bittern, on loan from Department of Conservation.

Nukuhou Saltmarsh - well worth a visit, nestled on the shores of Ohiwa Harbour!

At a Glance

Activity Duration: Nukuhou Salt Marsh Boardwalk 30min.
Map Location: H
Travel time to activity: 30 min
Costs: Free

View from the Nukuhou Salt Marsh lookout which is accessed by parking just off the road and taking the 30min walk along the boardwalk.