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Ohiwa Oyster Farm

Travelling to or from our Park, the Ohiwa Oyster Farm is an enjoyable place to take a break and enjoy some fresh fish and chips.

Besides growing all their own oysters, they also smoke a variety of fresh fish. As well as oysters Ohiwa Oyster Farm have a range of seafood, burgers and meals which can be indulged in at a magnificent spot, right on the edge of the Ohiwa Harbour.

At a Glance

Activity Duration: 30min - 1hr (Depends how hungry you are Tongue Out)
Map Location: M
Travel time to activity: 10 min
Costs: Fish and Chips for around $10, 1 doz Oysters $10.

Besides making excellent fish and chips Ohiwa Oyster Farm also offers a beautiful spot to eat them.

Activity Locations Map