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The Ohiwa Harbour

The Ohiwa Harbour is one of the premier natural jewels in the Eastern Bay of Plenty's geography and is only footsteps from our Park. The Ohiwa Harbour has long been special to many people for many reasons. Locals and visitors alike admire its landscape, natural beauty, water quality & clean air which provides enjoyment of many fun activities.

With our Park situated only metres from the harbours edge you will be able to make the most of the Ohiwa Harbour. 

The Harbour is also home to a multitude of marsh and shore birds, shellfish and fish species. Boating, sightseeing, swimming, water sports, shellfish gathering and fishing are all extremely popular activities within the harbour.

Relatively shallow and dotted with islands, the harbour has long been a major food resource for local iwi. For even longer, migratory birds have fattened themselves up here for their annual flight back to the northern hemisphere.


Many of our returning campers now bring their own Kayaks. With over 2,000 Hectares of the harbors inlets, islands, mangroves and sandbars to explore it makes for an exciting and enjoyable activity. Alternatively you can Hire Kayaks from us find out more on our Kayaking and Fun Bikes Page.


A two-lane, concrete boat ramp (easily accessible in all tides) allows you to take your boat out on the water for a day of fun and sunshine. Make use of water skiing lanes, or simply throw your line out and catch a few fish for dinner. Designated jet skiing areas are also available. 


Surfcast directly off the beach or into the harbour entrance. Snapper are caught here all year round and fishing charters can be arranged from Opotiki or Whakatane. To find out more about fishing from the park check out our Fishing Options Page.

If your just looking to know more about the marine environment marine life tours an award winning experience

Horse Riding

Visit the Ohiwa Horse Treks Page to find out about their horse riding treks they offer around the edge and hill country of the Ohiwa Harbour.

Ohiwa Glow Worms

Directly adjoining the Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park is a beautyful bush walk that at night leads to a large glow worm grotto just a short walk from your accommodation. Find out more about how to get there from the park on our Glow Worms Page.

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Ohiwa HarbourOhiwa HarbourOhiwa HarbourOhiwa HarbourOhiwa HarbourOhiwa Harbour

Ohiwa Walkway

New to Ohiwa is the Ohiwa Walkway which travels from the beach, around the harbour and finishes at the boat ramp were there are new public toilet facilities.  The walkway is approximately 4ks, it provides a safe and quiet trail that is perfect for a jog or walk. The walkway takes in all the beauty of the park and is available within metres of the park.

There are plenty of other walking tracks in the area and if you would prefer a tramp through a bush environment check out our Great Walks Page.

Gather some Shellfish

There are plenty of shellfish available within the harbour if you spend some time hunting. Pipis are abundant in the exposed sand bars at low tide, Cockles too. Mussells and Oysters are also found against the mangroves or any other structure that is still covered at low tide. Seek and Yee shall find!

If your organised and in the know a flounder net is definitely worth a soak too!