Winter activities make Ohiwa Beach a great holiday destination all year round

Heading to the beach is the top choice of summer holiday destination here in New Zealand. It doesn’t matter where you go, our coastal areas all possess unique qualities that wow us every time. For us Kiwis, the beach is our happy place, so why wait until summer to feel the sand between our toes?

It’s time to shake off the common misconception that the beach is best enjoyed in the summer. These winter activities in Ohiwa Beach make it the perfect getaway location throughout the year, especially if you are suffering from the “winter blues”…

Our accommodation options here at Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park are suitable for all kinds of winter weather. From cosy cabins to stylish motel rooms, you’ll find our accommodation the perfect retreat after a day enjoying all that the area has to offer.

We like to call the Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park the hidden gem of the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

Glorious views of the harbour and surrounding bush has everyone stopping in their tracks to take it in. Our unique location on the shores of Ohiwa Harbour also gives you easy access to the region’s winter activities.


Spot the Ohiwa glow worms for family fun

About 15 minutes from Ohiwa Beach Holiday park is the Ohiwa Glow Worm grotto. Winter is often the favoured season for experiencing the glow worms as they are only visible after dark. As darkness falls earlier in winter, you’ll be able to see the glow worms and still get the littlies in bed early.

The Ohiwa Glow Worm walk along the Ohiwa Nature Trail is a must-do with the family. You really have to see it to believe it! The glow worms sparkle above you turning the trail into something truly magical.

The Ohiwa Nature Trail is also alive with native birds and foliage. For those who haven’t seen glow worms before, the Glow Worm grotto will have you enthralled and amazed by the wonders of nature.

portrait of a happy family smiling a top view

Enjoy some peaceful surfcasting

We are so lucky to have both the beach and the harbour on the doorstep of Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park. With both options available, our water sport opportunities are endless.

But for some peace and quiet, surfcasting is one of the most popular winter activities in the Ohiwa area.

Particularly at sunrise or sunset, cast your fishing rod into the water and wait for the catch while you watch the sun work its magic. Surfcasting is a great way to take some time out for yourself or share the serenity with someone else. You’ll be given plenty of time to relax but make sure you’re ready to reel in the fish because we hear the fishing is great at the moment!


Explore Ohiwa Harbour on a guided kayak tour

Kayaking is a fun and safe way to glide around the water all year round. There’s no need to worry about falling into the harbour, the calm water is perfect for a leisurely ride without getting wet.

Through our wonderful friends at KG Kayaks, you can experience Ohiwa Harbour’s many islands and wildlife on a guided tour.

The Ohiwa Explorer tour takes around two and a half hours to complete and there are both single and double kayaks available. The harbour is abundant in birdlife and it’s common for kayakers to spot blue penguin and fur seals. Orcas also retreat to Ohiwa Harbour from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled!

KG Kayaks has a wide range of tours available throughout the year. If you’re a confident kayaker, have a look at one the adventures they have on offer and see the full beauty of our coastal paradise.


Stroll through native bush on these walking tracks

There are several walking tracks in our backyard with views of the bush and the ocean all in one. These tracks are all family friendly and most can be enjoyed regardless of fitness level. For a casual stroll or light jog, these tracks showcase nature at its best.

Park Walk

Take in panoramic views of the harbour and its surroundings. This track is only metres from the campsite and links up with the Ohiwa Nature Trail (the same location as the Glow Worm grotto), Onekawa Pa Site and Bryan’s Beach Loop Track.

Bryan’s Beach Loop Track

For those who love an uphill climb, this one is for you. Depending on your physical ability, this walk will take anywhere from one to one and a half hours but the scenery from the top will be worth every step. You can see the beach and harbour in the uninterrupted views – simply breath taking.

Ohiwa Walkway

This track is a safe and level walkway, perfect for all capabilities. Travelling around the beach and harbour and finishing at the boat ramp, this walk is about 4km. You’ll pass many happy faces on the way as this track is utilised by walkers and joggers every day. And the beauty and ease of this track will have you wanting to do it all over again straight away.


The winter activities available to us here at Ohiwa Beach are quickly changing our ideas about where is best for a winter getaway. Enjoying salty air and incredible scenery is the perfect way to feel re-energised and ready for the rest of the colder months.

Book your stay with us at Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park and experience these winter activities for yourself.

Whether you’re after a solo adventure or you want to bring the whole family, we have plenty of accommodation to suit.

Don’t wait until summer to get your beach fix, call us today or book one of our many accommodation options online.

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