The past, the present and the future hopes for our beloved holiday park

From the moment you set foot on Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park, it’s easy to see why you’d want to live here permanently. The overwhelming sense of peace is something that’s hard to match anywhere else.

And that’s exactly why owners, Nola and Todd Morgan, decided to make this their home.

Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park has been in the Morgan family since it began in 1988, taking over the council lease. Visions to make something special of the empty land were quickly realised as they started developing the initial stages of a holiday park that would bring year-round visitors to the area.

With all that Ohiwa Beach has to offer, it’s no wonder Nola and Todd saw so much potential in the holiday park when they took over in 2000. It seemed like a natural progression to further develop the family-friendly accommodation and offer even more to guests who come here to relax.

Family Enjoying Camping Holiday On Campsite

A dedication to the future of Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park

Nola and Todd Morgan brought their children, Dean and Renae, to Ohiwa Beach late in 2000. As they settled into their new home, Nola and Todd began making plans for the future of Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park.

Not afraid of a little hard work, they began building on the park’s original state, transforming it into fully-functional holiday accommodation.

With a selection of accommodation options and full kitchen and bathroom facilities, Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park has become the favourite holiday destination it is today.

When Nola and Todd took over the reins of Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park, they made a commitment to be responsible for the park and its guests. It is their hope that this special piece of Ohiwa remains a much-loved location for future generations. 

Ohiwa Beach – a new place to call home

When Nola and Todd brought the family to Ohiwa to begin their journey as owners of Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park, they instantly knew they were here to stay.

The spacious beach was the first draw card. The beach remains uncrowded even in the busiest months of the year.

The Morgans also love Ohiwa Harbour, exploring it by foot at low tide or kayaking through the calm waters. Each evening brings a uniquely glorious sunset - something Nola and Todd recommend everyone witnesses at some stage in their life!

But it’s also the community that makes Ohiwa the special place it is. The Ohiwa community is passionate about the area, working together to protect the land and keep the wildlife safe. Dean and Renae, now grown up, love to call Ohiwa Beach their home and frequently return to make use of the many outdoor activities.

Nola and Todd consider Ohiwa to be paradise. They love the summer time as many of their guests return at this time each year. However Ohiwa has many great qualities in the winter as there is more time to enjoy the surroundings and go at a more relaxed pace.

The Morgans feel truly lucky to live here.

Now that Nola and Todd have run Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park for almost two decades, they’ve watched some of their guest become parents or grandparents. Some of these guests have been coming to the park since before Nola and Todd’s time.

It’s a heart-warming experience to see the kids grown up and eventually make their way back to the park with their own children.  

A holiday location like no other

When choosing a holiday destination, we all want to find the spot that ticks all the boxes. Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park does just that. To the north is the Pacific Ocean, to the west is Ohiwa Harbour. With the calm water of the harbour and the waves of the ocean, visitors have the ideal conditions for swimming, kayaking, surfing, fishing and SUP boarding.

Whilst the water is one of the most popular attractions, it’s important to mention the native bush reserve surrounding the holiday park. Large pohutukawa trees scatter the walking tracks and come to life with red flowers in the summer time. Take a walk through one of the various trails and listen to the eclectic songs of resident bird life.

To ensure guests get the full Ohiwa experience, the holiday park is designed to offer different experiences across the range of accommodation. From elevated ocean views to spots sheltered by trees, each spot offers something unique.

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Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park is a family-run business with a long history and a bright future. Far from a generic holiday destination, you will get the unique, authentic Kiwi experience from a team devoted to this beautiful area.

You too can create wonderful memories year after year in Ohiwa. Call us today to book your stay.

Nola Morgan