Discover the islands and marine life of Ohiwa Harbour

Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park is on the shores of beautiful Ohiwa Harbour. The harbour is a special place for many reasons, but it's the Ohiwa islands and marine life scattering the harbour that make this place truly remarkable.

Looking out onto Ohiwa Harbour from our Holiday Park, we feel so lucky to have found this location. Ohiwa Harbour has a unique way of looking different every day. For this reason, we could never get sick of the view. From its unbeatable sunrises and sunsets to its ever-changing tides and colours, Ohiwa Harbour always draws our attention.

As a perfect location for all sorts of activities and water sports, Ohiwa Harbour is regularly visited throughout the year. And those who choose to go into the harbour by boat or kayak will be lucky enough to discover the Ohiwa Islands and marine life.

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Weave in and out of the Ohiwa Islands by kayak

There are 10 small islands within Ohiwa Harbour, the main ones being Uretara, Ohukana, Hokianga and Pataua. Many visit the islands by kayak, taking a few hours to paddle past each one before returning to the shore.

Ohiwa Harbour offers perfect kayaking and boating conditions, especially at high tide. With islands dotted throughout, kayakers have plenty of places to stop, rest and take in the sights.

Visiting the Ohiwa islands is a trip of exploration and discovery. Many of the islands are lined with ancient Pohutukawa and are alive with a variety of bird life. You are welcome to explore the islands on your journey, however camping and fires are prohibited. Kayakers often take a break on the shores of Hokianga Island and watch the ebbing tide before paddling past Ohukana Island and back to shore.

We have kayaks for hire to take out as you wish, but to really get up close and personal with Ohiwa Harbour, take a guided tour with our friends at KG Kayaks. The two and a half hour tour takes you to all corners of the harbour where you can revel in the wonder of the Ohiwa islands and marine life.


See what's beyond the harbour

If you’re feeling adventurous, there are more islands to explore beyond the harbour. Moutohora (Whale Island) and Whakaari (White Island)  are cherished within the Eastern Bay of Plenty community and exploring these islands is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Moutohora (Whale Island)

Moutohora is a Wildlife Reserve for endangered birds and plants. Experience bird spotting like never before in this predator-free sanctuary. Here you can expect encounters with all sorts of wildlife such as fur seals, blue penguins and the variety of native birds nesting on the island.

Due to the threats to flora and fauna, access to Moutohora is restricted and only select tour companies can take groups to the island. There are plenty of areas to come ashore and take in the breath-taking scenery. Dive into the glistening clear water or dig yourself a hot pool on the shores of Onepu (Sulphur Bay). When conditions are just right, explore the caves on the North-Western corner of the island.


Whakaari (White Island)

Whakaari sits on the horizon of the Eastern Bay of Plenty. On a clear day a fluffy cloud hovers above. As an active volcano, Whakaari’s ‘cloud’ is actually the constant puff of steam coming from her vent.

Whakaari is New Zealand’s only active marine volcano and very accessible. As most of the volcano sits below the sea, it is an easy walk to the crater area – no mountain climbing required! Here you’ll witness some of the most impressive geothermal activity with steaming vents and bubbling mud surrounded by sulphuric yellow hues.

Whakaari is accessed by a guided tour, allowing you up to one and a half hours to explore the island’s crater and ensuring your safety throughout the journey.


Marine life thrive in Ohiwa’s ideal conditions

Ohiwa Harbour is considered the perfect environment for swimming, fishing and a number of water sports. Whilst we love everything about Ohiwa Harbour, so too does the marine life.

There is always something to watch on Ohiwa Harbour. Whether it’s seeing the ebbing tide reveal the shelly estuary bed, or watching birds circle the water for a catch, Ohiwa Harbour is the favourite place for many. Being a major food source for migratory birds, you’ll see them feasting before their annual flight to the northern hemisphere.

There have been many moments when Ohiwa Harbour is simply the right place to be. Just last September we were visited by a pod of Orcas. It is not uncommon to see Orcas in the harbour as they come here to hunt the stingray. We love it when our guests get to see orcas playing in the harbour. You never know, you could be one of the lucky ones too!

Offering perfect conditions for shellfish to thrive, Ohiwa Harbour is also home to some of New Zealand’s best oysters. If you’re an oyster fan (or just a fan of classic fish and chips), you’ll love the Ohiwa Oyster Farm. Growing oysters since 1968, the Ohiwa Oyster Farm has been a must-see attraction for decades. Sit on the harbour’s edge and enjoy these famous oysters.


The Ohiwa islands and marine life are just some of the many qualities of the harbour. The beauty of Ohiwa Harbour is that you can cruise around the islands by boat or kayak, or wait until the tide goes out and walk along the estuary.

Located on the shore of Ohiwa Harbour, we think we have the best spot in the world. Winter or summer, our guests can enjoy the Ohiwa islands and marine life which is why our accommodation is perfect all year round.

Book your next getaway with us and experience Ohiwa Harbour. Summer is a busy time and bookings are filling fast so call us today to secure a space.

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