5 reasons why a winter family holiday is a healthy break from routine

Many of us wait until the summer season to take a break with family, not realising that winter is often the time we need it most. There is a whole range of benefits in taking a winter family holiday and, with the weather now cooling down, it’s a good time to start planning your getaway.

It’s important to prioritise time with your family but it’s hard to do when we’re in the midst of the daily slog. Routine often takes over and before we know it, Christmas time rolls around and we’re left wondering where the year went.

Don’t wait until summer to plan a trip away with family. Here are five reasons why a winter family holiday is a healthy break from your normal routine.

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Break up the norm

It’s easy to fall victim to the winter blues. We may not realise it at the time but the day-in-day-out routine can leave us feeling drained.

A winter family holiday not only gives us a chance to take a break from routine, but it also gives us something to look forward to. Some say that having things to look forward to is the key to happiness – all the more reason to book a family holiday during winter!

If you’re feeling it, chances are your family are too. The day to day pressures of school and work can be overwhelming so take some time out, breathe, turn off your cell phone and remember what’s truly important in life: family.

Avoid the crowds

Summer at Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park is lots of fun. We love the sunny weather and the crowds it attracts. But if you need some something a bit more relaxed, there are definite perks in choosing to visit Ohiwa during the winter season.

The winter months are the off-peak season here. Not only will you have a good selection of accommodation to choose from, but you’ll also enjoy off-peak rates and plenty of peace and quiet.

Take a ride on one of our pedal cars while the pathways are clear of crowds, hire a kayak without waiting in line, and have our wonderful Ohiwa walking tracks all to yourself. There is so much to see and do here and winter is a great time to experience it all.

Appreciate NZ’s natural beauty

Ohiwa Beach offers a kind of natural beauty that will take your breath away no matter what season you decide to visit. Nothing beats a sunset across Ohiwa Harbour amidst the winter glow.

Of course, summertime brings more opportunities for water-based activities, but winter is the perfect season to really appreciate the natural scenery in the area.

Surrounding Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park are a number of scenic walking tracks through beautiful native bush. These tracks are idea for a family stroll, a light jog or even a bike ride. See historical pa sites, enjoy panoramic ocean views and rest and relax among native coastal trees and shrub.

One trail that is always a highlight for families is the Ohiwa Nature Trail that leads to the Glow Worm Grotto. It’s easier to get the kids to the Glow Worm Grotto at a reasonable time during winter because darkness falls much earlier than in summer. Only a 15-minute walk from Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park, the Glow Worm Grotto is marked by a mysterious Pohutukawa tree. Step into the Grotto and see the glow worms sparkle like a starry sky.

Take time out to bond with family

Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day and it can be hard to find time to bond with family. With shorter days and less motivation to socialise, we seem to work harder during winter and spend more hours at work.

The beauty of a winter family holiday is that you are not bound by deadlines. You have time.

Time is a precious commodity in today’s society. We often feel rushed and time with family seems to fall by the wayside.

When was the last time you sat down with your family to play a board game?

When was the last time you switched your phone off for days on end?

When was the last time you threw routine out the window and just went with the flow?

You can do all that on a winter family holiday at Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park. And you’ll love every minute of it.

A Winter family holiday is good for your health and well being

Believe it or not, there is something called ‘relationship health’. When we feel disconnected from family, relationship health suffers and we are left feeling flat and isolated. This can have a huge impact on our emotional and physical well being.

When we’re not constrained by routine, we have the opportunity to strengthen relationships and talk to each other about things that truly matter – things other than what’s for dinner, day-to-day chores, homework or what’s happening in the office.

With plenty of time to bond, relax and refresh, a winter family holiday lets you go back into daily life with a fresh, more positive perspective. And it’s not just you that will feel the benefits, it’s the whole family.

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Leave stress and routine behind for a while this winter and book a winter family holiday. With no crowds, no traffic and no time constraints, you and your family can rest and reconnect together.

Ohiwa Beach is the perfect location for a winter family holiday. The peaceful scenery lends an ideal backdrop for families really wanting to unwind away from daily pressures and monotonous routine.

For something wonderful to look forward to this winter, book a holiday at Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park.

Reap the benefits of a well-deserved break together with your family.

Nola Morgan