There are many fishing options to suit everyone. Whether you are surf casting into the estuary or surf, or you may be sending out a torpedo long line or launching your boat, when you are at the beach, it's all easy. 

There is a great spot for surf casting that allows you to cast into the main channel of the harbour mouth. Take a variety of sinkers with you because there is a good current here. 

Just North of the boat ramp is another surfcasting spot which is shaded, so even if you have to stay awhile for the fish to bite, you are comfortable as you while away the hours casting out into the Kutarere Channel.

The boat ramp is only 4kms from the Park along a quiet, flat country road, so bringing your boat with you is definitely a must for this area, as the harbour can be a very productive fishery that often provides flat clam water. This makes it very comfortable when sea conditions are not workable. Quite often boats will fish the Kutarere channel and the main channel successfully. You will want to use the right harbour rigs to match the current and target certain parts of the tide to have a successful fishing day. 

There are plenty of shellfish available within the harbour if you are prepared to take the time to go hunting. Pipis and cockles are abundant in the exposed sandbars at low tide. Mussels and oysters can also be found against the mangroves or any of the other structures that at still covered at low tide.

If you are really organised and 'in the know'.. a flounder net is definitely worth a soak as well!

If you are not adept at fishing, why not hire someone who is?

Opotiki Fishing Charters have a 19ft sport fishing boat where you can try your hand at catching snapper, terekihi, gurnard or tuna. In the summer season, you will find kingfish are abundant!

There are also a broad range of fishing charters available out of Whakatane that cater for different types of fishing. Please have a look at the Ocean Fishing to see which charter might be the right one for you.