For a little family fun, why not put out a long line and catch a fish or two, fly a kite or make sand castles.

If you're looking for a more relaxed stay here at Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park, simply enjoy an afternoon of sunbathing, admiring the spectacular views out to White Island, an active volcano 50km due north of Ohiwa Beach, or take an evening stroll along Ohiwa's beautiful, sweeping white sand beach.

Ohiwa beach is home to the endangered New Zealand Dotterel and rare Oyster Catchers whose eggs and chicks are well camouflaged to protect against predator attack. 

Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park guests are welcome to view these birds, particularly in the nesting season from October to April, but we ask that you use the access ways provided to protect the birds in their natural habitat.

Setting a longline out front of the camp is both easy and productive. Make sure you bring it when you visit!