Anne and Paul Robin have been developing Ohiwa Macadamias for 20 years. They love the beautiful place they live in and count theirselves lucky to be here.

Set amongst a quiet rural outlook Ohiwa Macadamias are a small family business that has a commitment to giving you the very best quality there is.

Macadamia spread is one of the many delicous products that the Ohiwa Macadamia Farm produces.

Paul and Anne are also passionate Kiwis. That's why you can be confident that all their nut products and the WonderCracker are totally New Zealand made. Ohiwa Macadamias stands for the very best of everything.

We're against wasteful packaging and poorly designed and made products. We seem them all everywhere. Here at Ohiwa Macadamias we make a stand, and help you to make one too.


At a Glance

Activity Duration
1hr visit

Travel time
30 min

Free to visit, but we do encourage you to buy some of the world's tastiest nut products or even the world's best nut cracker while you are there - you won't be disappointed.