It is a pleasant 30 minute walk that takes you through the bush and includes a waterfall and Glow Worm Grotto.

The Nature Trail then joins the Park walk and carries on to the historic Onekawa pa site (Maori war fortification site).

At the Onekawa Pa site you can choose to continue on down the other side into Bryan's Beach and loop back to the Park along the beach. A beautiful walk.

The Ohiwa Nature Trail is a superb example of coastal native trees and shrubs. Thriving with lots of new seedling plants and a very large number of bird life including Tui, Fantails, Silvereye, Kereru (woodpigeon), Shining cuckooss, Pukeko, Weka and many others.

A booklet is available for sale from our shop called Discover the Birds of Ohiwa Harbour with detailed information on Ohiwa's fantastic bird life.

The native plants have been labeled for those wishing to identify with the different species along the walk, thanks to Ohiwa Resereves Care Group.