Only a 12 minute drive from Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park, Opotiki is the closest small town to the Park. It serves many purposes to campers here at the park whether it be activities, shopping for groceries, a fishing charter or a visit to the museum.

Boasting some nice cafes you can also enjoy morning tea and a very nice coffee here.

Located at the mouths of two rivers, the Waioeka and Otara, Opotiki also boasts a spectacular surf beach and a multi-cultured town life with a relaxing lifestyle.

Revered by locals, Opotiki is often used as a base for adventure activities such as jet boating, hunting, fishing, boating, surfcasting and surfing.

As a service town, Opotiki is known for its horticulture, forestry industry, dairy farming, agriculture and orchards, especially kiwifruit, avocados, fejoas, and berries.  

Located as you enter Opotiki, the newly developed New World is only 12mins from the Park and the closest place to get your groceries.